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1355 sq ft contemporary flat box type house at Malappuram

Swapnanam : a dream come true


Nestled in the heart of Thrissur, Kerala, stands a contemporary flat box-type house named ‘Swapnam’ . A testament to the dreams of its owners, Arjun and Nita. Constructed on a 3 cent plot within a total area of 7 cents, this 1355 sq ft contemporary home is a marvel of modern architecture and design, completed in May 2024.

Constructed by Rijul Das from SILPIES ENGINEERS & VASTHU CONSULTANTS, Swapnam is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The exterior, adorned with a white and blue hue combination, features a front portion highlighted with blue paint and square designs, adding a unique charm to the elevation.

Interior :

The house layout is meticulously planned to maximize space and comfort. The ground floor comprises a sit-out, a living cum dining area, a bath-attached bedroom, and a kitchen. Meanwhile,  the   upper floor houses an upper living area, a balcony, and two bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

The main door, a ready-made steel door from Tata Steel, sets the tone for the interiors. The entire floor is paved with white and black designed vitrified tiles . And all windows and doors are made of steel, ensuring durability and elegance.

The compact living space features a settee, and the L-shaped living cum dining space is arranged with a small seating arrangement and a 6-seat dining table. The open concept kitchen, with a white-tiled counter top and wall, is fitted with white aluminium fabrication doors for the cupboards. The ground floor bedroom offers maximum storage space and features a bay window, adding a touch of luxury.

The staircase, starting from the living area, is fitted with a vertical square tube in the handrail, and the head and riser are given a black and white combination of tiles. Interestingly, the TV units are arranged in the first landing, allowing the family to watch TV from the upper living area, a smart utilization of space.

The two bedrooms on the upper floor are arranged similarly to the ground floor bedroom, maintaining a uniform design throughout the house.

Swapnam is not just a house; it’s a dream come true for Arjun and Nita. It stands as a testament to the fact that with careful planning and execution, a budget-friendly yet beautiful home is achievable. For a detailed home tour, visit our YouTube channel ‘Home Pictures’. Swapnam, a dream realized, is indeed a home where every corner tells a story of aspirations fulfilled.

Ground Floor Plan of this Contemporary Home

flat box type contemporary home ground floor plan

Upper Floor Plan


Owner : Arjun and Nita

Location: Manjery, Malappuram

Total Area: 7 cents

Built-up Area: 1355 sq ft

Floors: 2

Constructed by Rijul Das

Contact No: +91 94867 40723




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