This house in Malappuram exudes contemporary features with simple interior

Budget friendly two floor home at Malappuram

The SWAPNAKKOODU, a budget-friendly 1100 sq. ft. house in Thirur, Malappuram, owned by Sudish and Shyny, is a remarkable example of efficient design. Let’s delve into the details:

double floor house at Malappuram

Architectural Style and Elevation:
The house boasts a contemporary box-style elevation, combining red and white colour paint.
The flat roof design adds a modern twist to the timeless concept, proving that efficient design doesn’t compromise comfort or style.

Interior Layout:
The compact layout includes:
Sit-out: A welcoming entry space.
Living cum Dining Area: Arranged with a sofa and a 4-seat dining table.
Kitchen: Compact but well-equipped.
Three Bath-attached Bedrooms: Ideal for a small family.
Study Area on the First Floor: Utilized as a small living space with a bookshelf.
No Need for Plastering: The structure, constructed using hurudees blocks, eliminates the need for plastering, saving money.

Cost-Effective Features:
Ready-Made Concrete Frames: Mostly used for window and door frames.
Minimal Interiors: Simple and minimalistic design.
The entire construction,was completed within Rs. 20 lakhs. This house exemplifies how thoughtful design can maximize every square foot while maintaining comfort and aesthetics. For an immersive experience, explore the house tour on the Home Pictures YouTube channel.


1100 sq ft house in Malappuram

Property Details:

Owner : Sudish and Shyny
Location: Thirur, Malappuram
Total Area: 5 cents
Built-up Area: 1100 sq ft
Floors: 2
Total Cost: 20 lakhs

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