Modern Elegance : 2652 sq ft Kerala House Design at Mayannoor

2652 sq ft Kerala House Design at Mayannoor, Thrissur

The lush green surroundings of Mayannoor provide a perfect backdrop to Ashokan’s modern and elegant Kerala house design. Spread across a 40-cent plot, this two-story colonial-style home captivates with its sloped roof. The roof adorned with ceramic tiles. give in another sentences.

exterior elevation of a two storey house
Exterior elevation of a 2652 sq ft two Floor house

Exterior Elegance

The exterior of the Kerala house design is a distinctive colonial charm with a sloped roof. And showcasing the timeless beauty of Kerala’s architectural heritage. The use of ceramic tiles for the roof ensures durability in the face of varying weather conditions. The spacious compound that offers both privacy and a sense of tranquility. 

Spacious Interiors of this Kerala house design

The  main steel door, not only providing security but also making a bold statement. The intricate design on the door adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship, merging seamlessly with the modern elements of the house design. The open space concept is skillfully employed throughout the house design. It allowing for a seamless flow between rooms and fostering a sense of connectivity. The choice of simple yet tasteful furnishings enhances the overall aesthetic, showcasing a keen eye for design.

dining area
dining space


The grandeur of the double-height dining area is further accentuated by large windows that frame picturesque views, allowing natural light to cascade into the space and creating an inviting atmosphere for memorable family meals and gatherings.The inclusion of a courtyard infuses the home with natural light and ventilation, creating a serene environment.

courtyad area of a kerala house design

Within its 2652 sq ft footprint, Ashokan’s residence at Thrissur, is meticulously designed to accommodate four bedrooms a functional kitchen, and a dedicated work area. The thoughtfully planned layout includes two bedrooms on the ground floor for added convenience, while the upper floor houses two more bedrooms, ensuring a harmonious balance of space and privacy.



Project Fact

Owner : Ashokan, and jyothi

Location  ;Mayannoor, Thrissur

Tottal Area  : 2652 sq ft

Plot          : 40 cents

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