Best 100 Modern Double Floor Contemporary Design Houses

100 House Designs

Everyone wants to make home out standing. The box design and the extended structure from the wall make it beautiful. The total designs gives a contemporary touch at the first sight. The flat and slope roof further emphasizes it, making it look very modern and beautiful. The show wall adds a designer element to the exterior. Interior plants are placed on balcony for additional charm. Balcony is equipped with glass hand rail.

The elaborate front courtyard is one of the striking features. This design is curated with current trends. Though it covers only an area of 1000 to 4000 square feet, it looks way more larger than size. The house has 2,3,4,5 bedrooms, sit out, porch, family living room, formal living area, dining area, prayer room, kitchen, work area, common toilet and up stair living space and beautiful balcony.

One can enter the bedrooms in the ground floor from the dining area. There are 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom, a living space and a balcony and common toilet on first floor. Storage space are arranged in all the bedrooms. The modern modular kitchen has all the facilities. One of the most popular ideas for interior design on a budget is to use the mats curtain. It looks stunning.

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