2232 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Traditional Style Single Floor House and Plan

Total Area : 2232 Square Feet

Car porch
Sit out
Living room
Dining area
Family living area
4 Bedroom
3 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Wash area
Work area
Stair room

Here comes an absolutely awesome kerala house design which is at an area of 2232 square feet. The colonial and the traditional architectural styles are elegantly combined in the elevation of this house. Clay roof tiles are paved on the sloped roof and two dormer windows are installed here to add a designer element. Lots of natural light is invited into the house through the windows that line one of the walls here.

This is not only enhances the stylish look of the house but also helps to reduce the heat inside. Grand and imposing by day, the colonial house is a stunner by night when the lights come on end emit a golden glow. The view from the open terrace is a relaxing experience. A party space on the terrace is a convenient piece of design. The grey-white exterior has been done with late-rite in the column beam style.

There is car porch, sit out, living room, dining area, family living area, 4 bedroom, 3 attached bathroom, 1 common bathroom, kitchen, work area, wash area, stair room and open terrace in this 2232 square feet house. All the bedrooms with built in wardrobes. The false ceiling in the gypsum and the profile lighting adds to charm of the interior. The boundary walls and the landscaping too are done in unique designs which complement the elegant look of the house.

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