1272 Sq Ft 3BHK Contemporary Style Single-Storey Home and Free Plan

1272 Sq Ft 3BHK Home and Free Plan

Total Area : 1272 Square Feet

Sit out
Living room
Dining space
3 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area
Stair room

Whether you are trying to create a new house as per your want, then this house are going to be the simplest model for you. The overall views gives the building a touch of contemporary architecture. Some portion of the exterior walls has stone cladding’s. The way the construction has gone with the characteristics of the plot and customized the needs of its once in a while occupants makes the house a special creation.

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The highlight of the house is maximum utilization of space in an open style. Privacy has been ensured wherever it is necessary. Another aspect making the interiors attractive is the color of the paints. Light shades have been used every where, instead of dark tones that are a strain on the eyes on the floor, Vitrified tiles are used. Gypsum ceiling and warm tone lights make the interiors even more pleasant.

The are of the house is 1272 square feet, which covers the sit out, living room, dining space, kitchen, work area, stair room, 3 bedrooms with one attached bathroom and one common bathroom. Storage is given sufficient import-ants in the bedrooms too, for which wardrobes are arranged in all the three bedrooms. Bathroom in one bedroom. The kitchen area designed with a focus on storage space and utility. A store room is also attached to the kitchen.

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