Shaiju’s Nature-Friendly House in Choondal, Thrissur

A Majestic Kerala Home in Choondal, Thrissur

In Choondal, Thrissur, Shaiju and Sini have built a stunning and nature- friendly house. It has mix of classic and modern features, an emphasis on natural materials, and a courtyard layout.

interior of the kerala traditional house

This 2500 square feet home was completed with meticulous attention to detail in November 2023. Despite the modest budget of 38 lakhs. The residence exudes an aura of grandeur, captivating visitors with its Kerala majestic look elevation and heritage-inspired features. It is impressive how well Santhilal from Costford Group has carried out this concept. Every element of the design and construction demonstrates their proficiency with traditional Kerala architecture and dedication to sustainability.

Exterior :

The house has a more historic character because of the walls’ use of laterite stone, and sustainability is ensured by the use of eco-friendly materials and architectural elements. Enormous natural light and ventilation are made possible by the semi-open architecture, which also fosters a harmonious living environment that links residents with the natural world.  In addition to enhancing the building’s architectural appeal, the multi-layered roof’s clay tile paving lowers interior temperatures and lessens the need for artificial cooling systems.

Interior : 

The center of attraction within this architectural marvel is the courtyard, adorned with four majestic pillars . That not only serve as structural elements but also as a focal point for gatherings and relaxation. Surrounding this central space are the kitchen and work area, strategically placed to enhance functionality while maintaining the traditional layout.

A large living and dining space on the ground floor allows family and friends to get together and make treasured memories. The kitchen and work area are located next to this area and have been intelligently planned to maximize efficiency while maintaining the home’s classic beauty. An additional living space on the upper floor is ideal for settling down and relaxing after a hard day. While a comfortable bedroom with an attached bathroom provides privacy and comfort, a common bathroom serves the demands of guests.

To experience the beauty and tranquility of this majestic retreat firsthand, be sure to visit our YouTube channel, Home Pictures, where you can find a full video tour and immerse yourself in the allure of this nature-friendly abode.

Ground Floor Plan- 2500 sq ft Nature Friendly House

Shaiju's Nature friendly house at Thrissur

First floor plan

upper floor plan


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