400 Sq Ft Single Bedroom Modern Single Floor PMAY House and Free Plan

400 Sq Ft 1BHK House and Free Plan at 2 Cent


Total Area : 400 Square Feet

Sit out
Living cum dining area
1 Bedroom
1 Common bathroom

Rajesh, a native of Thanikkudam, Thrissur, built his house in contemporary style, to prove that a comfortable house, with all facilities, could easily without burning a hole in the pocket. This modern house built on a 2 cent plot. It not only is budget-friendly, but also pretty lovely for a single storey house. Inspired by modern architecture, the house has no visible curves. Everything about it is sharp and sloped roof theme.

However, stones have been embedded on this floor, making it out standing. This is a good budget design by All In One Arch Eyes. The cladding stones on the walls are the most attractive of all, and they bring in a rare beauty to the overall house. The elevation of the house is in contemporary style. The elegance of neutral shades can be seen in the interiors which foregrounds simplicity. The construction of the house was completed in just under 10 Lacks.

There is a sit out, living cum dining area, kitchen, single bedroom and one common bathroom in this house. The interiors are adorned with the white hue which enhance of the house. The interiors, designed in the open style, make it look more vast and specious as well. However, the family is extremely happy that they have been able to build their adobe, exactly the way they has dreamed it.


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