821 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Low Budget House and Plan For 10 Lacks

Total Area : 821 Square Feet

Sit out
Living cum dining hall
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom

There is really a need to promote the significance of low cost homes, as it helps people who go through extreme financial crises realize their dream of building a house of their own. The elevation is built by leaving some space in front so that its beauty easily comes to view. The exterior wall weren’t altered much, instead they are highlighted with attractive hues.

Striking shades of purple and white enhance the stylish look of the exteriors. Parapetta with stone cladding’s are the highlights which draw attention. The construction of the house was completed on a reasonable budget of Rs 10 lacks. The specious interiors are comfortable and beautiful. The sit out, living cum dining hall, 2 bedroom with attached bathroom and kitchen in this 821 square feet house that in contemporary look.

Designer Hello Homes had designed this house by giving preference to elegance, that too, by not exceeding the allotted budget. The main area of the house comprises of living and dining spaces and the stair as well. The designs follow a unified pattern which suits both exteriors and interiors. The bedrooms are arranged by ensuring maximum privacy. The spaces are designed to facilitate excellent ventilation as well.

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