A Budget-Friendly simple design house at Edappal,Malappuram- Malayalam video

A Budget-Friendly Dream Home: Mahesh and Sruthi’s Journey-

Mahesh and Sruthi are building a single-floor simple design house on a limited budget. With careful preparation and wise decisions, they made their dream a reality in Edappal, Malappuram. Let’s have a look at how they designed their ideal home on a tight budget!

Mahesh and Sruthi inherited an 8-cent property in Edappal, making it the ideal location for them. It was the ideal canvas for their vision.Mahesh, an aluminium fabrication specialist, used his expertise to include aluminium and PVC inside work throughout the house for longevity and cost-effectiveness. The exterior’s feature, laterite cladding tiles, gave the facade a rustic appeal that complemented the surrounding environment wonderfully.

The property features a huge living and dining space separated by a contemporary TV wall unit. A little prayer area next to this unit gives a spiritual touch to the room. The TV unit’s rotating feature increases usefulness by allowing for seamless transitions between eating and living areas.

TV Wall unit

Efficient Space: The bottom level has two bedrooms designed for comfort and leisure. The stairwell also serves as a study area, maximising space and functionality. A sliding door leads to the outdoor patio, ideal for leisure and socialising.

Budget-Friendly Mahesh and Sruthi prioritised cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. The property has white floor tiles, which creates a light and airy feel.

The modular kitchen has plenty of storage space, and the adjacent work area makes daily tasks easier.

modular kitchen

Mahesh and Sruthi constructed their budget-friendly dream home in February 2024, thanks to meticulous planning and execution. Their story serves as motivation for anyone trying to build their ideal home on a limited budget.

1200 sq feet Budget friendly Simple design house  floor plan1200-sq-ft-budget-friendly-simple-design-house-floor-plan


project fact 

20 ലക്ഷത്തിന് നിർമ്മിച്ച 1200 സ്ക്വയർ ഫീറ്റ് വീട്; ഫ്രീ പ്ലാനും | beautiful budget homes in kerala

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