Just Rs 6 lakh : This low cost Chavakkad house is perfect for a small family

A low-cost Chavakkad house with careful planning and execution for around Rs. 6 lakh

A simple house in the quaint Thrissur village of Engandiyoor is evidence that comfort and style don’t have to be costly. The low – cost house is nestled in Chavakkad’s verdant surroundings. Aneesh and Liji own this charming home, which was completed in March 2024 for a reasonable cost of just Rs 6 lakh. Its 410-square-foot overall space makes it an excellent example of both affordability and usefulness.

Designed to blend in with a 5-cent site, this house is a perfect example of Kerala architecture. With its pitched roof and roofing sheets covering a robust GI truss framework. The house meets the needs of a modern family while retaining a feeling of simplicity and charm.

As soon as you step inside, a warm, peaceful embrace will envelop you. The sit-out extends a warm welcome to you, providing a spot to relax and take in the beauty of the surrounds. Despite their small size, the living/dining areas radiate coziness and warmth.

Even though they are small, the two bedrooms offer a peaceful retreat, with elegant vitrified tiles adorning each one. A section of the home is made of V board, which guarantees longevity and durability . And is evidence of the painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship.Despite its small size, the kitchen has been meticulously designed to maximize both space and usefulness. The granite worktop offers a sophisticated touch.

This Chavakkad refuge serves as a welcome reminder that true happiness comes from the little pleasures in life, like family, community, and the comforts of a loving home, rather than from worldly items in a society that frequently celebrates excess and extravagance. Come celebrate with us in this little Engandiyoor home the beauty of minimalism and the timeless charm of Kerala’s architectural legacy.

Floor plan

410 sq ft low cot house floor plan



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