1001 Sq Ft. TO 2000 Sq Ft.

4 BHK Apartment Interior Design


The appartmen is 1500 sq.ft 4 BHK Apartment . Originally a 4BHK the Tulsiyan’s wished to convert the fourth area|chamber|bedchamber|room} into a multi-purpose room which will serve not solely as a guest chamber however conjointly as a business office, area|storeroom|stowage|room} and particularly the Puja room. ton of civil work was worn out the room a in addition to alter the initial entrance and to create it a lot of spacious. The temporary was to own a mixture of ancient and fashionable and then you’ll see tho’ some areas within the home is fully fashionable with ton of glass, alternative square measureas are a fixtures of textures, materials and artifacts that offer the house a a lot of ethnic feel.


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