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This compact house is a perfect blend of minimalism

The Compact House in Kuzhoor, Thrissur, Kerala


A Home with Heart

This compact house isn’t just about square footage; it’s about creating a haven for small families. From the elevated foundation to the thoughtful design elements, every detail contributes to a harmonious living experience. So, when the rain taps on the clay tiles, this small  house stands tall, welcoming its occupants with warmth and resilience.

Location: Kuzhoor, a serene village in Thrissur, Kerala.
Plot Size: A modest 10 cents.
Built Area: 1004 square feet.
Ideal for: Small families seeking a cozy abode.
Design Considerations
Elevated Foundation: Recognizing the region’s rainy climate, the house is constructed higher than the standard foundation level. This precaution ensures that water doesn’t infiltrate the living spaces during heavy downpours.


Sit-Out: The entrance highlights a charming sit-out with inclining clay roofing tiles.. Two cylindrical pillars add character, and a sopanam (seating area) invites relaxation.
Living Area: Inside, a TV wall unit and a small prayer space create a warm ambiance.
Dining Space: A 6-seater dining table awaits family gatherings.
Bedroom: The single bedroom have maximum storage space and also have an attached bathroom facility.
Kitchen: Simple yet functional, the kitchen features aluminum fabrication doors on the cupboards.
Common Bathroom: Conveniently accessible from outside the house.

1004 sq ft house plan

Architectural Style:

The sit-out’s steel handrails ensure safety and comfort for the homeowners.
Flooring:The entire house is paved with vitrified tiles.
The ground floor covers 904 square feet, while the stair area occupies 100 square feet.

Builder and Architect:

  • Constructed by Sandheep ,Hynes Builders, Kodungallur.
  • Phone No : 7594920001

For an immersive home tour, visit the Home pictures YouTube channel and witness the charm of this Kuzhoor gem.

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