2001 Sq Ft. TO 3000 Sq Ft.4 BEDROOMS HOME

Exploring Dinesh and SreeKala’s 4-Bedroom Kerala House

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity


Nestled amidst lush greenery, Dinesh and Sree Kala’s 4-bedroom Kerala house seamlessly blends traditional architectural home elements with modern comforts.

kerala house entrance

Ground Floor: Where Comfort Meets Functionality
1. Sit-Out: Welcoming Tranquility
The entrance boasts a sit-out area

2. 1.40M Wide Varanda: A Grand Welcome
The spacious veranda stretches across the front, offering panoramic views. It’s perfect for family gatherings, evening conversations, or simply enjoying the breeze.

3. Living Space: Elegance Personified
Step inside the well-designed living room. Sunlight filters through large windows, illuminating tasteful decor. Plush sofas invite you to relax, while family photos adorn the walls.

4. Dining Area: Cozy Meals, Heartfelt Conversations
Adjacent to the living room, the dining area exudes warmth.

5. Pooja Room: Spiritual Sanctum
A dedicated pooja room graces the house. Here, prayers and rituals connect the family to their roots and beliefs.

6. Two Bedrooms with Attached Bathrooms: Privacy and Convenience
These bedrooms offer solace—a retreat after a long day. Attached bathrooms ensure comfort and ease.

7. Kitchen: Culinary Magic Unfolds
The kitchen is a culinary haven. Sleek counter tops, modern appliances, and the aroma of spices—where flavors come alive.

8. Work Area: Organized Efficiency
A separate work area keeps household chores streamlined. From bills to laundry, it’s the engine room of the house.

9. Common Toilet: Functional Simplicity
Conveniently located, the common toilet caters to guests and family alike.

Upper Floor: A World Above
1. Upper Living Area: A Cozy Nook
Upstairs, an additional living space awaits.

2. Two More Bedrooms with Attached Bathrooms: Personal Retreats
These bedrooms offer privacy and comfort. Each corner tells a story—a child’s laughter, dreams, and quiet moments.

3. Balcony: Breathe in the Views
Step onto the balcony—a slice of heaven. Sip morning tea, watch sunsets, and let the breeze kiss your face.

Unique Features That Make This House Shine

Architectural Marvel: The house marries Kerala’s traditional charm with contemporary aesthetics.
Abundant Natural Light: Sun-kissed interiors create a cheerful ambiance.
Landscaping: The surrounding greenery soothes the soul.

Home Pictures YouTube Channel: For an immersive experience, explore the house tour on the Home Pictures YouTube channel.


2500 sq ft 4 bedroom Kerala house floor plan

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