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Eco-Friendly Nalukettu House in Thrissur

Mohan Raj's Modern Nalukettu House in Thrissur


In the heart of Thrissur, amidst the serene landscapes of Kerala, lies a haven of eco-friendly living –  modern Nalukettu house.

A Closer Look at this Eco-Friendly Thrissur House:

Welcome to the traditional haven crafted by Santilal Costford Triprayar Center in Thrissur, Kerala! Owned by the visionary teacher Mohan Raj and his family. This 2100 sqft two-story Kerala house is a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and modern sustainability. Let’s dive into the details of this 10-cent plot beauty, where a budget of 40 lakhs brought a dream to life.

The house features Kerala’s signature architectural style with clay roofing tiles that not only contribute to its traditional appeal but also promote eco-friendliness. The walls built with laterite stone . This modern nalukettu design resonates with the traditional architecture style, featuring an open courtyard that serves as the heart of the home. However , the use of eco-friendly materials ensures that the house remains cool even in the hot Kerala climate. Also, the courtyard becomes a strategic element in maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the house.

Unique Features:

Artificial Rain Courtyard: Imagine a courtyard where you can enjoy the soothing sound of rain anytime you desire. Hence, Mohan Raj’s house brings this fantasy to life with an artificial rain feature in the courtyard.

Open Kitchen Concept: The house have a modern aminities with an open kitchen concept. Open spaces like the living area, dining space, and open kitchen near the courtyard promoting a sense of openness and connectivity.

Modern Living Spaces: Divided into a living area, dining space, and open kitchen, the ground floor offers a perfect house of modern functionality and traditional charm.

Bedrooms  :With four bedrooms and modern amenities, Mohan Raj’s house is a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. However this eco-friendly Thrissur house stands as a shining example of sustainable living in Kerala.


  • Location –  Kazhibram ,Thrissur
  • Area   –  2100 sq ft
  • Owner  –  Mohan raj
  • Designer –  Santilal Costford Triprayar Center, Thrissur
  • Mob: 9495667290 
  • Year of completion – September 2023
  • Budget    –      40 lack
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