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This Palakkad home exudes traditional with modern

Traditional meets Modern: A Home of Timeless Elegance in Thrithala, Palakkad!


Step into the timeless allure of Prajeesh and Greeshma’s home in Thrithala, Palakkad! The front elevation is adorned with red laterite stone, polished and varnished to perfection. The sloped roof, topped with clay roofing tiles, adds a touch of traditional charm.

1900 sqft palakkad home elevation
Traditional yet modern design

Traditional yet modern Palakkad Home’s Architectural Highlights

The sit-out welcomes you with two pillars cladding in stone, setting the tone for the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. As you enter, the spacious living area unfolds, with the TV wall showcasing the natural beauty of laterite stone. The wooden ceilings add warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The staircase, strategically placed near the dining space, features a handrail crafted in a combination of wood and MS steel, adding a contemporary touch to the traditional design. The open kitchen boasts a refreshing blue and white color combination, creating a vibrant and welcoming culinary space.

The ground floor houses two bedrooms designed for maximum storage space, while the upper floor offers two more bedrooms, each with beautiful ceiling work and attached bathrooms. The upper living area provides an additional space for relaxation and bonding.

Step out onto the balcony, where the front wall cladding in stone adds character and a connection to the natural surroundings. Prajeesh and Greeshma’s home is a testament to thoughtful design, blending traditional elements with modern functionality for a truly timeless living experience. Outside, the balcony showcases a front wall clad in timeless stone, offering a serene spot to unwind and soak in the surroundings.

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  • Traditional Aesthetics Combined with Modern Comforts
  • Thoughtfully Designed Spaces for Maximum Comfort and Convenience
  • Natural Elements Such as Laterite Stone and Wood for a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

🌿 Property Details:

  • Area: 15 cents
  • Built-up Area: 1900 sq ft
  • Price: ₹50 Lakhs
  • Owner: Prajeesh & Greeshma
  • Location: Thrithala, Palakkad
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