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1217 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Style House Design

Contemporary Style Modern House Design


Here comes an awesome Kerala house design which is at an area of 1217 square feet. This house is superb in all senses. The flat roofs on this stunning house were designed to take advantage of the path of the sun to maximize brightness and to make the interior of the home feel bigger and brighter. This not only makes the house look naturally beautiful.

But also helps your house retain an individual character and identity. This ensures excellent ventilation as well. This charming house is designed by Beepee Designs, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur. The walls of this house are extremely plain, but that doesn’t, in any way dim the aesthetic appeal of the overall design. You also take notice of the stone-embedded walls on the porch, and to the right part of the house, they serve as another well-thought-out design of this architect.

3 Bedroom Contemporary Style House

1217 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Style Modern House Design
1217 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Style Modern House Design

There is a sit-out, formal living, dining, kitchen and adjacent work area, balcony utility space and 3 bedrooms in this beautiful house. The bath-attached bedrooms are designed with all the necessary facilities, yet without overcrowding with decor. There are enough openings and long windows through which the enchanting beauty of nature is felt inside. The kitchen is spacious and has all modern this house is approximately 25 lack.

Total Area : 1217 Square Feet
Location : Cheruthuruthi, Thrissur
Plot : 5 Cent
Owner : salim
Designer : B.P Saleem
Beepee Designs, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur.
Mob : 9847155166
Courtesy : manoramaonlince.com


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