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1560 Sq Ft 3BHK Contemporary Style Two-Storey House and Free Plan

1560 Sq Ft 3BHK House and Free Plan


Total Area : 1560 Square Feet

Ground Floor : 1075 Square Feet
Sit out
Living hall
Dining space
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Work area

First Floor : 485 Square Feet
Upper living hall
1 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Open terrace

The house with an area of 1560 square feet has been erected on a 5 cent plot. There is sit out, living hall, dining space, kitchen, work area, upper living hall, balcony, 3 bedroom with attached bathrooms and an open terrace. The exterior has been spruced up by cladding stones and bricks. The first floor has a balcony, another bedroom and upper living hall. The house was constructed at a cost of under 30 lacks.

Building a house in a small plot is always challenging and requires meticulous planning. The architects were confident to take it up as a challenge and designed an elegant house which has an area of 1560 square feet. The elevation of the house is designed in the box style to utilize maximum space. The interiors are designed in the open style, by avoiding unnecessary walls between spaces. It helps to make the indoors look more vast and specious.

White color theme dominates both the exteriors and interiors of the house. Cladding tiles add the perfect contrast in the elevation of the house. Besides the beautiful balcony, there are open terraces in the front of the house. Storage spaces are arranged in all the three bedrooms. The modern modular kitchen has all the facilities. One of the most popular ideas for interior design on a budget is to use the mats as curtain.

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