1001 Sq Ft. TO 2000 Sq Ft.4 BEDROOMS HOME

Double Floor Contemporary 1700 Square Feet Modern Home Design and Plan


This home is 2 separate buildings, engineered on alittle slope. antecedently it absolutely was connected with a rugged flat roof extension line.

I force this and additional a amazingly light-weight glass box extension. Today, there’s a room and front room during this area, and there’s a central hub wherever you’ll be able to see the fantastic views of the forest. The barn on the correct has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a utility area, and an instructor area, and there’s a plant area that homes all facilities associated with inexperienced options like ground heat pumps. The room on purpose appearance lowest and clear.

Philips thought that white cupboard and black counter prime can be clearly visible, thus I additional yank walnut, color and texture to the falciform island.

Total Area : 1700 Square Feet

Ground Floor :

Car Porch

Sit Out



2 Bedroom

2 Attached Bathroom

1 Common Bathroom


Work Area

First Floor :



2 Bedroom

2 Attached Bathroom

Has this house managed to win over every other house you’ve seen? Then you might be interested in more information on the price and plan. If so, simply contact the architect via the details provided below.

Office :Buldarck,Architects& Engineers




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