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1144 Sq Ft 3BHK Home at 5 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 15 Lacks

1144 Sq Ft 3BHK Home at 5 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 15 Lacks


Total Area : 1144 Square Feet
Location : Eriyad, Thrissur
Plot : 5 Cent
Client : Mr. Baiju & Mrs. Aswathy
Budget : 15 Lacks
Total Cost : 18 Lacks with interior and furniture
Completion of the year : January 2022

Car porch
Sit out
Living room
Dining area
3 Bedroom
2 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area

A beautiful house on a low budget. The 1144 square feet house has 3 bedrooms and 2 attached bathrooms and one common bathroom for domestics. The small sit out with wall cladding tiles is a striking feature of the elevation. Other contemporary attraction is the grooves design on outside wall. The main entrance has been paved with inter-locking tiles. A mix of ultra modern and contemporary, this 1144 square feet house in Eriyad, Thrissur. The fusion-box type exterior look of the structure. Almost all the major floors have been done dusting vitrified tiles. The small, yet modern contemporary finishing cost only 15 lacks.

The house has lavish facilities even though a big sum was not earmarked for construction. It boasts of 3 bedrooms, 2 attached bathrooms, 1 common bathroom, car porch, sit out, living room, dining area, kitchen and work area. However whats makes the house special is the optimum utilization of space. The spaces in the interiors are interconnected which make them look vast and specious. The dining table which can accommodate 6 person’s doesn’t take up much space, the walls are painted with lighter shades. The living and dining area is more specious. In addition the plan covers a modular kitchen with convenient work area attached and a massive roof top terrace.

The plan was conceived by Baiju, who designed the structure and chalked its layout. While the front elevation is modern, a view from the sides gives it a contemporary simplicity and elegance. The dining space is in the open style. The kitchen is simple and a storage space unit is built in plywood with a wooden finish. The two bath attached bedrooms have in built wooden wardrobes. The entire house follows a minimalist style. The plan and elevation caught your interest then contact the designer through the information provided below.

1144 Sq Ft 3BHK Home at 5 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 15 Lacks
1144 Sq Ft 3BHK Home at 5 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 15 Lacks

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