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The staircase is an important architectural element in any home, hotel, resort and anywhere else. Wherever there’s a staircase there’s also an impressive focal point in the design. The internal stairs are often an integral part of the living room, properly displayed will also be reason of our pride and envy of our guests. It should taken an effort to properly connect them with its surroundings and be an integral part of our interior to emphasize the individual character of the interior design.

Natural stone is an material to use for stairs. Marble or granite stairs are virtually indestructible it is a great investment for a beautiful, timeless look for many years. The wide color range of stone will help you select the right material right to your expectations. Marble but after laying no problem white marble gives an decent look to your staircase.

You can also use Italian marble. It gives an attractive look. Here are some popular marble options which are, Carrara marble tile, statuary marble tile, calcatta marble tile, emperador marble tile and crema marfil marble tile. The great feature of marble flooring is that are moisture resistant, which makes the surface easy to clean.


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