742 Sq Ft 2BHK Single Floor Modern House at 3 Cent Land

742 Sq Ft 2BHK House at 3 Cent Land


Total Area : 742 Square Feet
Location : Varapuzha
Plot : 3 Cent
Cost : 32 Lacks with plot

Here is a beautiful contemporary Kerala home design at an area of 742 square feet. This is a stylish single floor contemporary house. The perfect fusion of grey and white colors contribute a classy touch to the entire frontal area. This house is an example of 2 bedroom house plan attached bath facility. From the main entrance of the house one reached the big living cum dining area.

The plan goes for making the best utilization of rooms to suit the necessities of the family in the best and the most cost effective way that is available. The roof is the most appealing of all, with a slight flat and unique shape. This gives the home a contemporary Kerala style which would make you wonder. The contemporary look of a home depends on various factors like design, color, interior designs, furniture pieces and many more.

The construction area and the facilities of the design are minimal but the design of the house will make you wonder in the first sight. The two descent sized bedrooms are adjoined by attached bathrooms. The kitchen being the heart of the home, is generously large. The unique alluring fact about the house is its wall design. There are many beam projections at the entrance area with hole designs in it. Every external window is given an elongated shading which covers up the interiors from the harmful sun rays.


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