937 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Simple and Beautiful House and Plan

937 Sq Ft 2 BHK House and Free Plan


Total Area : 937 Square Feet

Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
2 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area
Store room

Are you looking for low budget housing ideas that won’t get you in a ton of debt ? Your dream home will comes true. Which is one of the realistic and inexpensive house. The modern stylish plan designed to be built in 937 square feet. It includes 2 pair of bedrooms with the combination of attached bathroom. The flat roof is not only designed to be unique, but also to make the house look all the more modern.

Additionally there’s sit out, living room, dining hall, kitchen, work area, store room and common toilet. The cuboid shaped pillars and walls show no trace of curves making the house all the more modern. It’s hard not to notice the beautiful cladding tile making their way into the wall and pillar. Two bedroom house plans are the perfect living spaces for small families, these type of house plans are apt for various couple or a retired couples.

The entire cost of this 937 square feet home, came up just Rs 12 lack. Its room interior style and arrangements look very specious during this house. The house attracts every person’s mind owing to the strategically interior style and arrangements. The house also takes a small store into consideration for those unknown requirements and storage spaces which are usually welcomed by the lady of the house.


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