Learn To Install Metallic Epoxy


Epoxy plus designer epoxy (EP-E100), the two components, is a high-performance-modified alicyclic epoxy concrete floor coating system. The epoxy chemistry, offers excellent to provide the highest industrial and commercial demands.bonding characteristic features of the design. This can be applied as a coating system of 12 mils to 50. Paint chips and color quartz, you can broadcast to it in order to create a custom appearance. Epoxy uniqueness and universality of plus epoxy chemical makes it easy to the United States Department of Agriculture food & beverage, and other regulatory requirements must be obtained application. In other words, food manufacturing and preparation, pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacies, clean room, commercial kitchen, from and laboratories. It will include other areas of use: garage floor, break rooms, manufacturing facilities, car showrooms, schools, residential, commercial and retail space.


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