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The number of new product center of this year to the induction heating cooking. Part of the product is, you give the option of the user to combine the two-burner, or automatically have the adaptation burner in the shape of the bread. THERMADOR of stove – Home builder of annual demonstration home, was introduced in the New American Home Association – will have the option to use the whole area as a single burner.

Last year, GE, the owner while they were away from home, the oven and set the preheat time, it is possible to check the cooking state, introduced a wall furnace in the mobile app.

Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven dubbing – – With KBIS 2014, Dacor introduces connectivity Wi-Fi for ovens, also integrated can be controlled via a smart phone, a wireless connection tablets and scope. Users can find the recipe online, you can download them to the oven.

Another fatal Discovery wine station of Dacor, was Mashi wine distribution appliance that has been automatic temperature control. The user selects a bottle of between 4, they can be the amount of the distribution only hope – taste, half glass or a full glass. It also holds the contents of as vintner intended for up to only 60 days it.


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