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Contemporary Small House Design at Malappuram

Crafting Comfort on a Budget: 460 Sq Ft single floor House design

460 sq ft small house elevation
Jouhar and Thahira’s 460 Sq. Ft. Melattur Marvel on a Budget


Are you Designing a small house requires a thoughtful approach to maximize space, functionality, and aesthetics.  The open space concept is the star of this show, seamlessly blending the kitchen, dining area, and living room. This make into a cohesive and inviting space. The single hall hosts a dining table and a sofa, creating a multi-functional area perfect for both intimate dinners and cozy movie nights. The strategic placement of furniture defines each space while maintaining an overall sense of openness, making the home feel larger than its square footage suggests.

460 sq ft Small Home Floor Plans

460 sqft house floor plan
The single bedroom house is a sanctuary of serenity, boasting an attached bathroom for convenience. Clever design choices, such as space-saving furniture and built-in storage, make the most of the limited square footage. A well-thought-out storage plan ensures that every item has its place, contributing to an overall sense of order and tranquilly.

tiny kitchen
From the open kitchen concept to the strategic storage solutions, every detail reflects a commitment to maximizing space without compromising on style. while an ingenious use of storage under the kitchen cabinets conceals a washing machine, ensuring functionality without sacrificing style. Their home stands as an inspiration for those looking to create a comfortable and inviting living space, proving that with creativity and smart design, any house can be transformed into a cozy haven. Jouhar and Thahira’s low-cost small house design in Melattur stands as a testament to the fact that a limited budget is no barrier to creating a beautiful and functional home.


Owner  -Jouhar, & Thahira

Total sq ft: 460 sq ft

Total Budget :7.5 lacks

Area       : 5 cent

Location  :Melattur, malappuram


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