Top Modern and Beautiful Partition Design Ideas

Partition Designs


When you want to use a partition to separate spaces, and don’t want to spend too much, composite wood is an affordable alternative. We present 200 professional design ideas that are stunning as well as functional to inspire you to use this pocket-friendly material to separate spaces in your home. A latticed wooden partition works well in a room that has too much sunlight’s.

The screen helps to filter the light and control the glare. Some times a wooden partition with laser cut patterns, adds to the aesthetics of the room. Storage partition wall has an extra advantage, it maximizes the storage space inside the house in addition to being a storage space. Simple wood slates can be mounted to create a sense of a smaller, intimate area without completely closing the spot.

Another idea fr a living room partition, this one has a mix of vertical and horizontal rectangles and squares that can be used to display accessories to add to the room. LED spotlights fixed in the frame makes the accessories glow-partition walls or room dividers come in a wide range of options, the mentioned pointers give an easy selection method as per your existing interior theme and requirement.


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