What If Toilet Comes in Kannimoola ?



Bathrooms and toilets are also important areas to be maintained and built as per vastu shastra for peaceful living. Placement of toilets in a home is an essential part of designing the house as it reflects health and wealth. Vastu complaint house is very auspicious and provides a health free and obstruction free house with peace and growth. Toilet and bathrooms are the major source of negative energy if it is not built according vastu guidelines.

According to vastu, the north-west part of the house is considered the ideal place for placement of toilets and bathrooms. The second best location for the toilets and is the south-east part of he house but not the corner. Avoid toilet in north-east side and east side and north-west corner as it brings bad health and losses.

North east direction is a very positive direction and it is a where temples or pooja room needs to be places. Having toilets in this direction can hamper the positive the home might have. In long run this process affects the which directly or indirectly affects the other action of individual and at the end effects progress and prosperity.


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