450 SQFT Low Budget Home For Just 6 Lacks Only


The Home cost is just 6 lakh

The vacation residence is made within the scene of the tea plantations of the tea estates, the hills.and the fog. There square measure solely a complete space of 450 sq. feet within the eight cents plot. a replacement housing was designed on the scene of a house set on a plot. Outlook is just like the 2 cubes combined. Outside sight may be a brick tile clad within the wall. The road goes on either side of the house.


House design details

Total plan area : 450 sq.ft
Idukki Plot-8 cents
  • Living
  • Dining
  • bath Atached bedroom
  • kitchen

Cost-saving elements 

A few square meter has been provided.

MDF used ferning.

All the doors were built in UPCCC.

Old building materials were reused.

It was completed in four months.

For More Details about this house design ,Kindly Contact the Architecture/Company


Owner-Philip Kuriakose

Architect-Carol Philip

Carol Philip Architects ,



Contractor-Shaji George…


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