5 cents .. 14 lakhs! This is the house awaiting the common man! Here is the plan


Advocate Raghavan Nambiar is a beautiful house situated in the Kozhikode district of Thoothil bridge. 

Nambiar’s wife died. The son settled in the United States and his daughter in Bengaluru. Nambiar asked the designers to build a house that would be suitable for a lonely resident.

The house is located on 781 sq. Ft. On the 5th St. land. The sitout included a living-dining hall, a one-bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and workspace.

Spread aluminum roofing sheets on the side of the house and arranged the car porch. The interiors are in open square policy with minimal square footage. This makes everything within easy reach of a person’s stay.

The TV unit is arranged on the wall of the aisle. On one wall were beautifully arranged books of companionship.

The small kitchen cupboards are in mulch finish. Granite spread over the counter.

Surprisingly, the beautiful house was completed in just seven months.

Factors that reduced costs

Only the front exterior wall is cement plastering. The cuticles on the sides were retained in an exposed style.

Oats collected from the demolition of old houses were fed by polishing. The windows and doors are similarly secured by the second hand.  

Because of the roof trusses and roofs, the cost of the roof concrete was a profit.

Only putty finish on the walls. The painting cost a profit.

Construction equipment

  • Foundation— Blackstone
  •  Basement and Structure -Reinforced
  • Floor- vitrified tile 
  • Roof- Second Hand Clay Tile
  • Door, window- second hand wood

Project Details

Location-Thottilpalam, Calicut

Plot- 5.7 cent

Area- 781 SFT

Owner- Adv. Raghavan Nambiar

Designers- Ajmal Abdulla PV, Ashar NK, Muhamed Ajmal

Zherow Architects, Vadakara

Mob- 7012951181, 9747885325

Budget- 14 Lakhs

Completion year- 2018

Images – Akhin Komachi


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