If you look at these things before you start building your home, you can cut costs by half


Those who wish to reduce the cost are the most concentrated on the planning stage. Experts say that there is a cost of up to 15 percent because of the lack of proper planning. 80 per cent of the house begins to work without thinking or thinking about the design or the design. The cost of housekeeping is meant to be utilized wisely. The cost should be in the planning phase to cover the cost. If you are in the imagination of each part of your home and you think it’s necessary or luxurious, you can fight with the excess money

The rooms are
First take a sworn oath that once you decide on your home, you can not change it. Starting with the collection of information on various technical aspects of housekeeping, the work will help to control expenses. Whether the home is bleak or not, will also significantly affect costs. Nearly two and a half cents will be needed to build the base of a 1000 square foot house. Naturally, the cost will increase. Material loss and loss of property will be less than 500 square feet and above 500. 70 per cent of the house’s work is for building materials. Discuss the house with a 75-percent house rent. The remaining 25 per cent can be placed for interior design and other purposes. The number of rooms should be decided first when planning your home. The things without making more rooms should be utilized. The nesting family of nerds with only parent and small children can be limited to just two. Only a third bed may have a chance to meet. If there is no intention of putting firewood, there is no need to waste space for the work area. The kitchen needs a little bit bigger. Store room can be restricted to the kitchen. If the 100 square feet work area is ignored, the square footer can be valued at Rs. 16,000 in cash at Rs. 16,000. For those who think that the workplace is essential, the roof sheet can be adjusted to replace the wall with the grill work area. Roffney spending spending at about 85 rupees. Grille’s sqft cost around Rs 60. Let’s save at least 10%.
Look in your mind and work on it
The number of beams increases when building larger rooms. It will be expensive. But reducing the cost of the room to reduce the cost will do more harm than good. For most people who build the house for the first time, the room size of the room that suddenly falls in the mind will not be easy. This can be understood by measuring the size of your favorite room in the home or relative now. The approximate estimate of how much area should make the plan easier for the architect to tell the architectures. If you want to build a cheap house, you should inform the architect about the budget. Collecting house-related books and information is also beneficial. Reduce the cost of the square and rectangle. Circular cost will be difficult to use at any cost. Adding bend fingers and angles can lead to cost savings and safety. The first drawing plan may not be as perfect as the whole. Wait for the patient to have a satisfactory plan. It should take a long time to see that it needs some time. So planning and planning will start soon.

Control the material
Around 20 percent of the first class materials will be replaced by the use of material. The market should be well studied in the planning platform. Tile, bathroom fittings and new models come in very few places. Other materials are good for deciding earlier. The inbuilt seats and tables are ways of saving money. There are many advantages to the clean and easy to clean storage space and the bottom of the storage space. There are also products like high density fiber, biceps panel, PVC and trued wood. If you buy these, get one quaternary quartet. Ferozeman products help to control the cost. The kitchens, wardrobes, water tank, septic tank, etc. can be manufactured by ferosiments. The wall, septic tank, water tank and mortar will come out after the house. If you keep the money first, you can avoid this difficulty

After planning, you have to think about the householder. Either directly or indirectly; Or give a contract. Only if you have a way to get a loyal worker and take care of yourself. There are two types of contracts. Labor Contract and Full Contract. The Labor Contract is the building of the house if you buy the furniture. Those who have their own wooden hoods, those who build their old house, and buyers who want to buy goods at a lower price are better employed in the labor contract. The labor contract square is around 250 rupees. Supervisory charge should also be given to special supervision. If you pay the entire contract, you have to pay only your money. But first, the idea of ​​the material used at the time of the signing of the contract must have been created.


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