1500 Sq Ft 3BHK Contemporary Style Two Floor Modern House at 4 Cent Land

1500 Sq Ft 3BHK House at 4 Land


Total Area : 1500 Square Feet
Location : Thachottukaavu, TVM
Plot : 4 Cent
Coat : 47 Lacks with plot

Its pretty easy to like a double storey house like this. There’s no sloping roof to be seen. Instead a flat roof decorates the house. The combination of colors make it look more attractive, yet the simplest architecture that deserves all the praise. The majority of roof top, however, is occupied by a terrace that promises an incredible view on your surroundings. The walls are plain too, but they have some granite portions that make up for everything.

One can enjoy the beauty of the elevation, in all its glory, when you enter the front sit out. Long glass windows add a classic touch to the over all look of the elevation. Both the storys of this house cover an area of 1500 square feet and host 3 bedroom with attached bathrooms. The ground floor if this house comprises of everything you’ll want to make yourself feel at home.

It starts with a car parking area that has ample space for your car. The sit out next to it may not be the most specious, but definitely agreeable. It’ll lead you through the main door to the hall which is large enough to accommodate many people at once. It also includes welcoming living rooms on each floor, comfortable dining, modular kitchen with convenient work area attached, balcony and a wide open terrace. Big and small storage facilities are creatively arranged in attractive color themes in the kitchen.


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