1508 Sq Ft 3BHK Modern Double-Storey House and Plan

1508 Sq Ft 3BHK House and Free Plan


Total Area : 1508 Square Feet
Type :Double floor
Ground floor is designed in 1077 Square feet
No.of bedrooms :2
Bathroom Attached:1
Common toilet :1
Living room
Dining room
Work area
Sit out
Stair area
First floor is designed in 431 Square Feet
No.of bedroom:1
Bathroom attached :1
Dressing room

Designer : Shefeena, Aluva
For 3d designs contact 9744529227

Here’s a new and unique design of a Kerala house. It has two storys and both these storys end up covering an area of 1508 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 attached and 1 common bathrooms. The design of this house is the first thing that grabs the attention. It has almost flat roofs shaped decorating and providing shelter. This house is in contemporary style, to prove that a comfortable house, with all facilities, could easily without burning a hole in the pocket.

This modern house built on a 5 cent plot. It not only is budget-friendly, but also pretty lovely for a double storey house. Inspired by modern architecture, the house has no visible curves. Together they bring in a uniqueness lacked by many modern homes. The windows have a shade designed as an extended part of the wall, and blends in flawlessly with the over all design. You’ll love the open terrace too, as they promise an unobstructed view.

Ideally, this house would look great with or without a garden. Accordingly, the ground floor begins with small sit out and will direct you to the inside of the house. The first place to greet you would be a specious living room. Unlike a typical house, the dining room is located at the center of the house. Pantry kitchen connects directly with the dining room and has a store room and work area that almost as large as the kitchen. 3 Bedrooms are well constructed with a pretty specious bathroom for the customers convenience. And this house executed by designer Shefeena Riyas.

1508 Sq Ft 3BHK Modern Single-Storey House and Plan
1508 Sq Ft 3BHK Modern Single-Storey House and Plan


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