1600 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Style Two Floor House at 6 Cent Land

1600 Sq Ft 3 BHK House at 6 Cent Land


Total Area : 1600 Square Feet
Location : Angamaly, Ernakulam
Plot : 6 Cent
Cost : 50 Lack with plot

Here is an example of the pitched roofs and this is what they look like! Nowadays the major trend in the state is to make the past culture merge with modern contemporary and comfortable house. So the benefits of the designs of the olden times retain and also the facilities that modern designs provide are also available. This is a typical example of past meets present kind of a kerala house.

It has two storeys at an area of 1600 square feet. The simplistic nature of the balcony railings only serve to heighten the beauty of it. There are enough spaces, which lots of natural light and fresh air into the house. However, excellent cross ventilation ensures abundant supply of refreshing air inside sansar. Contemporary type sloping roof gives more modern look. The estimated cost of this design is 50 lack with 6 cent plot. This double floor house simply meet to steal your breath away.

It has been put together by such refined and elegant architecture that it makes it impossible look. This is modern home design from designer isaproperty. All luxurious facilities are provided in this design. It includes 3 bedrooms with 3 attached bathrooms, sit out, incredible living rooms in each floor, comfortable dining, prayer area, kitchen and work area. The dining table which can accommodate 6 person’s doesn’t take up much space.


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