1001 Sq Ft. TO 2000 Sq Ft.3 BEDROOMS HOME

1630 square feet nature home design in kollam


Arun Murali, the architect of Kollam, The look and feel of a sandalwood house is very different. No home so far. Insight Architect Idealis is run by Arun and his friend Razim behind the construction of the house.

The design of this home is synchronized with the traditional and western designs. When you come home, you can catch the carpower first. There is no one to think about that. This porch will change the understanding that Porport does not want design and that can be a tactic project. The triangular model of this polygon is different from the ground floor.

The first floor of the house is completely made of concrete and is made of wood. The first floor is to construct a square tub and plug it with a half-inch density. It is selected

The choice of acacia is because the cost effectiveness and the long run will last. Polished with a piece of cashew sheet. The wooden door and door are polished with a wooden antipodic stove used everywhere at home. Arun says that this will add to the life of the tree.

The kitchen is built on the modular model of the house

The home area is 1630 square feet. The cost of construction of  Rs 27 lakh

Except for bedrooms and bathrooms, the parts of the rest of the house are made in the open-ended consoles. Dining and Kitchen are on the open lines …There is a small water body. It was covered with polythene glass. So the sun will come in the kitchen and dining.

The house’s ceilings are different.

Project design; Insight Architect Idea

Designers: Arun Murali, Razim Chinnu

PH: 9961061363,9995970912

Image credit: Insight Architectural Ideas Content

Highlight: Eco friendly house in kolla……


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