1001 Sq Ft. TO 2000 Sq Ft.

1875 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Double Floor Home Plan


The father and his two sons wanted to have a modern home that fully benefited from its breathtaking surroundings without sticking like a sore thumb. With a physical panel designed to blend the royal rock cliffs to the edge of the water, these modern gems greet both nature and design. The house is built on the side of the abyss and covered in a mixture of untreated rice, concrete and glass. From the side road with breathtaking views of Bellingham Bay, you can easily miss the entrance of this pulsating house drifting.Stepping rigidly through the front door, one enters a glass atrium with an iron staircase that connects three floors. One pendant lights buchi drip from the ceiling. McClellan created a life-size model of lights using a string and foam balls to create a perfect setting for real equipment.1875 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Double Floor Home Design and Plan1875 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Double Floor Home Design and Plan

Total Area : 1875 Square Feet

Plot : 18 Cent

Budget : 15 Lac

Owner : Shaju mon

Location : Vettilappara,Malappuram

Designer : Arun & JayesArchitect

Arun C.B.DE Incorporate, Ragam Apartments

Pattari Pipe line Road Kozhicode -16

Ground Floor :

PorchSit Out

LivingCourt YardStair


2 Bedroom

1 Attached Bathroom

1 Common Bathroom


Work Area

Store Room

First Floor :




2 Bedroom

2 Attached Bathroom

Open Terrace


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