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This Old House Renovation at Malappuram is Impressive with its Contemporary Design

2850 sqft Renovated House at Malappuram,Kerala


The renovation of this house is truly impressive, showcasing a stunning design that elevates its aesthetic appeal.The transformation of this 40-year-old house in Malappuram into a contemporary style is truly remarkable. However, the exterior of the house now boasts sleek lines, clean finishes, and a harmonious combination of materials such as glass, concrete, and wood.The structure of this ancestral house is more than 40 yrs old.They have renovated the structure by retaining the foundation.They have adorned the sit-out wall with wooden paneling, adding a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the space.

40 yrs old house renovation thenstructure of ancestral home at Malappuram

The lack of space has been overcome by adding clever storage solutions and utilizing innovative design techniques.Interestingly, only around 1050 sqft has been newly added to the structure.The renovated structure, now has a sit-out formal living, family living,dining, a kitchen with  work area and a small store room.
Four bedrooms are bath attached and has all the modern facilities too. The addition of a modular kitchen and a row of cupboards has transformed the kitchen into the perfect modern culinary space.

2850 sqft house living space

The end result is a contemporary house that not only showcases a modern aesthetic but also prioritizes the convenience and comfort of the family. Meanwhile, the use of louvers made from GI pipes adds a chic and designer element to the house. The addition of customized furniture enhances the formal living area. And it elevating the space to a new level of elegance and sophistication. Also, the use of white floor tiles throughout the entire home creates a sense of spaciousness . And imparts a bright and airy ambiance to the living spaces. The inclusion of gypsum false ceilings adds a touch of elegance.

Old House Renovation Project Facts

Location – Irumbuliyam, Malappuram
Area – 2850 SFT (New), 1800 SFT (Old)
Owner –  Saifudheen
Contractor- Mani
Mob – 9847342418 , Kuttippuram, Malappuram
Year of completion – 2023 July


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