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Tropical design with stylish interiors has surprises galore inside

This 2900 sq ft tropical house has surprise galore inside


Jafar’s grand new house that stands in 30 cent plot in the beautiful place of Marayamangalam in  Palakkad  .This House stands as a testament to tropical home design, where every corner reflects a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance.However ,the exterior of this residence is a testament to tropical design with the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and natural elements.The interiors look spacious and Open layouts and carefully chosen furnishings create an ambiance of luxury and ease.The house boasts a durable and aesthetically pleasing GI truss roof, adding a touch of modernity while ensuring structural integrity.

Exotic design
Tropical and stylish new house

This Tropical House Design Intent 

Interestingly,the wall beside the sit-out area is highlighted using cladding stone.This multicolored cladding stone is element is followed in the upper part of the elevation too. This two-floor house invites you to explore grandeur at every level. From the ground floor’s inviting living spaces to the private retreat of the upper floor, each level tells a story of opulence.Convenience meets style with a separate car porch for two cars. Your vehicles enjoy a sheltered space that adds to the overall functionality of this exquisite home.

The ground floor of this stylish house has sit-out,prayer area,living area,dining space,kitchen with adjacent work area  moreover has a spacious fire kitchen and two bedrooms.Meanwhile ,there are three more bedrooms and upper living area in the upper floor.The total area is 2900 sq ft . This two-floor house invites you to explore grandeur at every level. 

The construction of this tropical house  ,including the structure and furnishing was completed on an budget of 1.3 Cr.

First floor and ground floor plan

exotic style




first floor plan

Project Facts 

Location  – Marayamangalam , Palakkad

Owner  – Mr.Jafar & Mr.Saleena Jafar

Plot – 30 cents

Area – 2900 sqft

Budget – 1.3 Cr.

Architect  – Rayanco Interiors & Builders 

                 Perinthalmanna , Malappuram

Mob. No – 7510690001

Year of completion – 24/09/2023




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