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1061 Sq Ft 3BHK Traditional Style Beautiful House and Free Plan, 16 Lacks

1061 Sq Ft 3BHK House and Free Plan, 16 Lacks


Total Area : 1061 Square Feet
Budget : 16 Lacks

Sit out
Living room
Dining area
3 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Common bathroom

A single storey Kerala house can’t get any better than this. It has an unusual blend of modern and traditional architecture. The top part of the flat roof is nearly invisible, yet the wall connecting to the roof has a charming border to outline the house. All the windows have shades from the outside. While they block out the direct rays of the sun, they match the roof pretty well. Pillars and some portion of the external wall covered with a granite like design that makes it blend in perfectly with the rest of the house.

On the roof top is simple terrace. As if to make up to you for the lack of roofing, simple with plain metal stripes are given. The single and only storey of this house covers an area of 1061 square feet. You’ll also notice how incredibly plain the walls surrounding the house are. However, their plainness serve to accentuate the beauty found in the rest of the house. This house is an example of 3 bedroom house plan with attached bath facility.

There is a sit out, living room, dining area, kitchen and common bathroom which has an area of 1061 square feet. The latest trend is to arrange facilities. The living and dining area space are arranged as part of the specious main hall itself. The interiors are designed in the semi open style. The three bedrooms in the house are bath attached. The kitchen looks small, there are ample space for storage. There is a small work area beside the kitchen and a wardrobe style storage unit is a highlight here.


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