1270 Sq Ft 3 BHK Home at 8 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 17 Lacks

1270 Sq Ft 3 BHK Home at 8 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 17 Lacks


Total Area : 1270 Square Feet
Location : Puthenchira, Thrissur
Plot : 8 Cent
Client : Mr. Prajeesh
Completion of the year : August 2022
Budget : 17 Lacks

Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
Office room
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Work area
Stair room

Here comes an absolutely awesome Kerala house design which is at an area of 1270 square feet. This house has simple elevation, and stone cladding in grey color on the pillar and wall above the sit out adds a perfect contrast to it. Here is a good modern house design for you. This 1270 square feet house stands in 8 cent plot as a fine example of the minimal contemporary style. A combination of grey and white color in the elevation has lent a unique look to the house. The interiors were designed in the theme of lighter shades. Interiors looked more specious and open as unnecessary walls have avoided between spaces. The house is well packed a sit out, office room, living room, dining hall, 2 bedroom with attached bathroom, kitchen, work area and stair room.

Every nook has been optimally utilized and this, precisely, is the highlight of the house. White color theme dominates both interiors and exteriors of the house. The perfect fusion of white and grey with the decorated pillars contribute a classy touch to the entire frontal area. In this plan have used geometrical elements and simple design of architectural style to get a unique look. This house is single floor one. The bedrooms has simple designs. All the windows are designed to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level. The flooring is done with vitrified tiles.

From the sit out we enter the living and dining area. The kitchen is minimalist in design. The elegant storage space are its highlight. The work area has ample space for washing and ironing cloths. There are 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, wardrobes and study area. The construction of the 1270 square feet house which stands on a 8 cent plot was completed in 6 months. The cost of construction including semi furnishing came to 17 lacks. The unique design of the house make it easy to maintain. The elevation of the house is designed in the box style to utilize maximum space. Has the elevation of this modern house piqued your interest ? Then don’t hesitate from getting in touch with the architect for more information on the cost and plan.

1270 Sq Ft 3 BHK Home at 8 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 17 Lacks
1270 Sq Ft 3 BHK Home at 8 Cent Plot, Free Plan, 17 Lacks



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