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980 Sq Ft 2BHK Contemporary Style Single-Storey House and Free Plan

980 Sq Ft 2BHK House and Free Plan


Total Area : 980 Square Feet

Sit out
Living hall
Dining space
2 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Store room
Stair room

Suresh, a native of Ernakulam built an elegant house, which has a charming surprise inside, on an 5 cent plot. The interiors are designed in the open style which makes it look like vast and specious. Besides this feature ensures great ventilation as well. The pergola which lets in sunshine, without increasing the temperature inside the house, is a striking feature of the roof here. Attractive color and glass are used on the pergola to make it look charming as well.

Tiles in granite finish are paved on the floor. The stairway and the hand railings are uniquely designed to look as if they have been spread on to the upper floor. There are sit out, living hall, dining space, kitchen, store room, stair room, 2 bedrooms, one attached bathroom and one common bathroom in this house which has an area of 980 square feet. The living and dining area designed the space look vast and specious.

Two bedrooms are arranged on ground floor. The house looks regal when the spot lights are switched on at night. You’ll love the specious stair room on the first floor and the expensive terrace. The kitchen being the heart of the home, is generously large. Attached to it is a convenient store room that’s meant to simplify your task in the kitchen. This contemporary house design will allow you to use maximum space within a comfortable construction cost. The construction of the house including the structure was completed on a budget of 15 lacks.


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