Blue is associated primarily with the water element. He also recalls the sky, which carries peace and tranquility. His calm cold glacier retreating from all the pressing problems. That is why this color is recommended to use in interior design kitchen to calm – stress relief, prevention of depression and stress.


Blue – classic pure color, which goes out of fashion and always relevant. Its use in the kitchen design will add to the overall comfort and style will set a certain style. This coloring of furniture looks fresh and modern. Designers are advised not to use this one shade, and dilute it with more recent patches – white, orange, yellow, dairy, etc. Especially this advice is relevant for today’s sets, which use a lot of gloss and metal accessories.

Originally looks blue kitchen, country-style or classic execution. These furniture sets are different matte surface of the facade, their color more calm, and finishing no metal elements. Noble warmth of natural wood breathes comfort, so this situation people prefer family who value their homes. The fact is that the blue color creates an atmosphere of peace and security.
Saturated blue combined and sky-blue and pure white creates stunning, mesmerizing effect. In an environment such as the interior becomes ethereal, fairy-tale. Huge windows let in plenty of light and space air and space make the kitchen easy and weightless. Interweaving color allowed visually expand the space, literally erasing its real borders. In this kitchen you can feel like a character from some Eastern tale.

Blue kitchen has beneficial effects on the figure – nutritionists recommend it in this color scheme to make out kitchen space for people prone to overweight. This color reduces appetite and increases the intervals between the desire to take some food.home38



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