Create a unique interior that best meets the needs of residents, – the main goal of each repair.
In our time, its implementation is simplified a wide choice of modern materials available on the market, and including – the wallpaper.
Wallpaper, by definition, cover a considerable area and just called to be visible. Therefore, before purchasing them should take care of the compatibility with the wallpaper furniture and decor of other surfaces in the room.

This problem is solved more easily if use within the premises wallpaper is not a single species, but a combination of different color and texture of the wallpaper. Often they do just that, creating a modern exclusive interior designs and combinable (Matched) wallpaper, with call – free companion. In such combinations may have one type of expressive texture, pattern, or pattern, and the other – to be more monotonous, slightly noticeable relief.


To facilitate the selection of combined species, specialty shops often place on their stands wallpaper companion nearby. Combinations of these wallpapers in one particular place, can not only decorate his original, but also – visually expand, divided into functional areas or mask defects in the geometry of the walls.


Tips for Choosing
Wallpapers companion in the interiorTypically, combinations of two kinds of wallpaper one carries most of the load on the decoration, and the second – and emphasizes its complements. Designers recommend to adhere to the following rules when selecting pairs of wallpaper companion:

  • the greatest effect is achieved by using a wallpaper producer belonging to the same series and necessarily having identical thickness;
  • wallpaper with bright pattern better combined with self-colored or with having a low-key ornament;
  • the combination of diversified one wallpaper (matte and glossy and smooth or embossed), care should be taken to ensure that they present unifying element, for example – ornamental;
  • color wallpaper companion must be repeated in the elements of interior space, and drawing – fit his style (for example, in the kitchen or dining room will look harmonious wallpaper with images of food or utensils, combined wallpapers for bedrooms should have a calm, soft tone);
  • in the interior should not be used excessively contrasting combinations of wallpaper, so as not to create a sense of oppressive congestion (except for allocation of functional zones in large rooms).

The importance of the proper selection of colors interior elements recognized, because the color can affect the emotional state of the inhabitants of the house and their guests. When choosing the color of wallpaper, it is useful to remember some of the following recommendations:

  • Wallpaper green colors often used to create the interiors in the style of “eco” (these wallpapers are well in tune with the other elements of the bright, dot being introduced into the interior);
  • lilac wallpaper has to rest and effectively set off by furnishings in white and black colors;
    gray wallpaper appropriate in minimalist interiors focus and combines with wooden furniture in warm, natural colors;
  • rich purple color of the wallpaper applied in the interiors of the style “high-tech” or “pop art”; beige or peach wallpaper designed to create a warm atmosphere in the room, and go well with classical style furniture;
  • Red is appropriate in the interiors spacious rooms, and small it looks too intrusive, so red wallpaper in small rooms used sectorally to emphasize their individual members;
  • brown wallpaper give the interior rigor and perfectly in tune with the situation of natural wood.

Methods of application

Methods of combining wallpaper companion divided into:

  1. Vertical – the most popular method, in which the combined vertical stripes wallpaper striped, usually through one.
  2. Horizontal combination of – in this case the abutment wallpaper designate at an altitude of 1 … 1.5 m above the floor, first ok lei Vaya top of the wall, and then – the bottom. Often, at the joints using paper or borders various moldings (decorative trims overhead).

3. Patchwork – when incongruous wallpaper cut into pieces that are glued in a                              staggered manner or another.

Selecting any of them should be correlated with the height and size of the room. So in areas with a low ceiling appropriateness of vertically oriented pattern, narrow room is not recommended to have a horizontal pattern along the long wall, etcWith the same purpose, when you make projections or recesses used partial insertion of a contrasting color or wallpaper with

With the same purpose, when you make projections or recesses used partial insertion of a contrasting color or wallpaper with eye-catching design. Often, such a method is used to isolate the premises functional areas with traditional wallpaper:

  • at the head of the bed – sleeping area;
  • near the dining table – eating area;
  • near the sofa – recreational areas, etc.

The window openings are framed a patterned wallpaper, patterned fabrics in harmony with curtains and visual expansion of space in the rooms made to apply the Desktop or themed photo panel.
So the risk to move away from stereotypes and build the interior of your home wallpaper of different designs. Use the model diversity and an inexhaustible potential The Set wallpaper companions.



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